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Waha Capital
A un Administrative Assistant/Customer Service/Medical Billing/Date Entry/Receptionist/Accounting le preguntaron...25 de abril de 2016

Have you ever worked from home or online before.

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How would you handle an upset patient coming up to the front desk and complaining?

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I certainly understand why you would be upset. Let me see if I can get a nurse to speak with you more about this. Menos

I would empathize with the customer and diffuse the situation by addressing his/her concern. Menos

I let them get their complaints and anger out that way they know that I am concern about their problem and so I can better understand them why they are upset. I give them a sincere apology then help them by resolving the problem. Menos

Fletchers Solicitors

How would I deal with a situation that has occurred, differently

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I would remain calm and analyse the situation before acting.

I would remain calm and analyse the situation before acting.


They asked about my experience with a certain software.

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I researched the systems they use before the interview and had no issues answering the question. Menos


If you could be any animal what would you be

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Planned Parenthood

Why do you want to work here?

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I love planned parenthood and what it stands for and would love to work with them Menos

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

What is your best attribute?

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Hardworking and dedicated.

Bright Star Placement

Why do you think this company is a good fit for you.?

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Do you have a diploma or GED?

How is your work ethics

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I'm very reliable,strong,prompt, and efficient when performing my duties

Mayo Clinic

What is your dream job?

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Working with Mayo Clinic of course! The # 1 ranked hospital in the nation!

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