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A un Assistant Media Buyer le preguntaron...10 de enero de 2023

What does your day to day look like in your role?


If you were the CEO or VP Media, what would be your priority in the working processes?

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Structuring & documenting each working process to a small detail, with steps to prevent mistakes & make sure that nothing is missed. Processes automation. Menos


Are you comfortable using excel?

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Just say you are and ready to learn

Mediahub Worldwide

what was one of your favorite campaigns you worked on?

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spoke about a past digital campaign we did with a co branded article

Rickhouse Media
A un Media Buyer le preguntaron...22 de noviembre de 2022

How do you think iOS 14 has impacted digital advertising?

Publicis Groupe
A un Media Buyer le preguntaron...21 de noviembre de 2022

Est ce que vous savez faire l'extraction des datas sur les plateformes Expliquez nous le métier de média trader

Tier 11

What would you do ****Insert a situation***?

152 Media

evaluaron mi nivel de ingles , tambien me preguntaron si tenia conocimiento de header bidding

Union Square Media

What are you looking for in your next position?

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To make an immediate impact and to continue laying down foundational bricks as I grow with the company. Menos

Tier 11

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Most of the questions were regarding my experience, meaning I don't have much insight to offer anyone reading this other than be yourself)

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