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A un Media Buyer le preguntaron...30 de octubre de 2015

Are You Married?

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It's also wildly improper and illegal.

I said yes. To which one interviewer responded by saying. Great! We know he is going to try harder because he has a family to support. Menos


A case study on negotiation

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Questions about personality, about trivago and marketing

Hi could you elaborate a bit on this please?


How Trivago makes their money and Pros and cons of digital x terrestrial channels for a campaign (I think those were the only specific question). The rest were open questions such as accomplishments in your work experience, how do you organize your work/tasks, what you like doing or dislike doing, etc.

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Heyy can u please tell how much time they took to respond back to you after each interview? Menos

Around 2-4 days in between rounds , and 7-8 day to receive an offer

What's your greatest strength in media buying.

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I expanded on my experience and relationships with the media reps.


This may sound silly, but "What do you like to do for fun" is a tough question sometimes. You don't want to sound boring, but you also don't want to reveal too much.

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Exercising, training for half-marathons, spending time with friends, participating in charity events (all of which are obviously true, but the interviewer didn't seem to like that answer) Menos

RedPoint Advertising

Why have you beed a media buyer for 10+ years?

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I love what I do and I love helping out clients grow their business.

ID Media Worldwide

Do you have any experience with advertising or media buying?

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I spoke about my internship i had as an assistant media buyer


Tell me about your experience.

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Told about experience

Blue 449

Do you get involved in Community Service?

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Yes, I do charity involvement with a description of what I'd done.

PHD Worldwide

Why do you want to get into the industry?

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Face paced, influences society, work and deal with people

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