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Hire Society
A un Media Assistant le preguntaron...14 de febrero de 2019

I thought the agreement before a phone screening was sketchy so I did not follow through.

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My apologies it was for a family office assistant role that included some media planning. But regardless, the confidentiality agreement was incredibly intense and uncalled for regardless of which assistant position sir. Any contract that discusses returning “any and all payments or other consideration paid or payable” before you even complete a phone screen is absolutely absurd. Menos

I would not recommend interview with a company that wants such strict control about work communication etc. Menos

Our firm does not hire media assistants. Hire Society places candidates such as executive housekeepers, butlers, house managers, and chefs within our clients’ private homes. You must have our firm confused with another employer. Menos


Would you be fine with working some weekends, having to quickly make posts about breaking news?

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Yes. It would be an interesting way to be up to date with global current events.

Yes. After all, four decades working college sports weekends and week-nights as well is pretty fair training. And I could fix up my own bad hot dogs. Menos

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What is one thing you are currently working on about yourself?

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I answered that recently with my current job search I have been trying to spend less time working on looking for my ideal job and more time for myself to get my mind of things outside of looking for a job. The interviewer quickly retorted jokingly that this position would make it hard for me to do that with the amount of work and hours I would put in. Menos

The above answer seems like it would not get someone a job. I think saying that you are working to become more familiar with the industry by reading books and trade magazines more consistently. Menos

I don't think you should play into the media planner's hand on this. Be honest, have integrity, and say something meaningful you are working on. Examples: "I'm trying to listen more intently to others" or "I'm trying to expand my knowledge by reading more books." Make yourself a well-rounded candidate. Menos


Speak to your previous experience on your resume? Why media? Are you familiar with some of the media tools in the industry? Strengths/weaknesses? Are you a team player?

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No, I did not have a video interview. One phone interview with three employees.

I also had a video interview with dentsu Aegis, then an invitation for an in person interview with Carat. Are they the same? Menos

Hi, I am not sure if you will get this message, but did you have a video interview before your in person interview? Menos


What interests you about media?

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The fact that help people interact better with the me is a factor that once you're in ...desire you to keep learning Menos

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Quelle campagne vous a le plus marqué pourquoi En quoi cette campagne représente la maison chloé (vous n'avez que quelques minutes pour répondre) Test en anglais

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Cela prend beaucoup plus de temps que 15 minutes, et les questions sont plutôt difficiles pour un premier entretien!! (on est censé apprendre à vous connaitre...Mais on ne pose aucune question sur vos goûts, c'est plutôt un test) l'intitulé est mensonger, on teste vos connaissance de la marque, on ne cherche pas à connaitre votre personnalité!! Menos

Bonjour, Je vous remercie pour votre témoignage sur l'expérience que vous avez eu. J'aurais une question si ce n'est pas trop demandé, le test d'anglais consiste à quoi ? Ce sont des questions sur notre personnalité en anglais ? des questions très scolaires ? ou encore des questions sur la marque en anglais ? Menos

What ideas would you have for the social media account?

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I planned in advance with my ideas concerning social media, and presented them with documents of Instagram accounts I felt would be good to replicate for the business. Menos

ID Media Worldwide

Do you have any experience with advertising or media buying?

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I spoke about my internship i had as an assistant media buyer

''Are you not over qualified for this position? Would you not be degrading your position & designation? After all, you were previously employed as a comm. manager''.

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''No Sir, I do not believe I would be degrading my position. One can learn something new from any kind of work that one undertakes. Besides, designations are titles that can be subject to different perceptions and interpretations. It is not the title, but the individual and the knowledge that he/she possesses and the nature of the job that matters''. Menos


If I gave you 4 blog post topics could you finish all the posts in 1 day

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Depends on the nature of the posts.

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