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Emapta Versatile Services
A un Mechanical Technician/Technologist le preguntaron...7 de junio de 2022

They asked good questions very good questions


Knowledge of mechanical/electrical, schematics, blueprints. Years of experience etc.


Why Boeing? "Up until now what skills and relevant education do you think make you right for this job?" Tell us about a time you have had to come up with a work around for a quality issue?

Pacific Southwest Instruments

Who did you work for in the past? What did you do there?

MSC Cruises

What do you enjoy most and least about being Mechanical Technician

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Its get exceptionally but and the stress is mounting but over i love the challenges Menos


Questions were for simpletons. How do u drill a hole / what is a millimeter / can u read and not forget to breath?

Hunter Engineering Company

What made me want to change careers, and work for Hunter Engineering?

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After 20 years I have heard nothing but good things about this company! From personal recommendations, as well as people who have directly dealt with this company for many years. This company is known for how well they treat their employees, care about all of their staff and products. As well as promoting such a great work environment for their employees! Menos

Intel Corporation

I had to describe the steps I took to accomplish a usual task (at my choice) in one of my previous jobs.

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I to described the steps.

Intel Corporation

Why do you want to work at Intel?

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Great work/life balance

- more to your working experience - less on positions applied - Asked about education and projects during academic year - Ask random specific question on roles you've experienced - 2/3 critical thinking questions

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- Confident with a straight back posture - Good tone enough to let them hear what is trying to be conveyed - Honest on questions you have no idea how to answer or inexperience Menos

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