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A un Analytics - MBA Intern le preguntaron...28 de mayo de 2012

Mini Case: eBay is getting complaints from customers that the site doesn't have enough product selection. To increase product selection eBay runs a promotion and decides to waiver the listing fees for all sellers. eBay's earns revenue from the listing fees and as a % of sales transaction and the bulk of revenue comes as a commission over sales transactions. The promotion instead of increasing the revenue results in a drop in revenue for eBay. Explain

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Ebay has actually tried this a few times. The listing fee keeps auctions that have no chance of selling off the site. If there is no listing fee, ebay loses that revenue and still only sees the same amount of auctions close with a sale. Buyers also tire of looking through a glut of items up for sale that they aren't interested in. Menos

I asked a few questions about what percent of revenue comes from each of the revenue stream. Came up with a few recommendations on running a more focused promotion campaign to incentive sellers with the right kind of products. This would ensure that promotion budget is optimized and also help buyers see only the kind of products that they were interested in purchasing. Menos

Let's keep this equation, Revenue = Listing fee + % commision * (orders * Avg order value) i'm assuming the hypothesis of removing the listing fee is to enable more products are introduced into the market and hence likely more orders. This could lead to the following outcome the # of orders are going up, but the AOV is dropping - It's possible that people are starting to sell items which they might have not before, because the listing fee eats into their margins. Menos

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Intel Corporation

What is your favorite financial statement and why.

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Standard Model He expected future financial changes

10-K Let's just say he didn't like my answer.

Cash flow

Johnson & Johnson

Which company did you work for before? How come I have never heard of it.

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I did my best to satisfy my job, i did respect people higher than me, even my co-workers, i always do things in the rigth way , and i always will. Menos

I did my best to satisfy my job, i did respect people higher than me, even my co-workers, i always do things in the rigth way , and i always will. Menos

I did my best to satisfy my job, i did respect people higher than me, even my co-workers, i always do things in the rigth way , and i always will. Menos


3 metrics on how to measure success on a software solution that has just been implemented in the page

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1) # of sales before and after, obviously 2) click-through rate before and after (it tells me how intuitive the UI is for the user, as well as if there is a bug at a certain point, causing a dropoff in the CTR) 3) # of visits to the help page/FAQ page before and after (it tells me that the user might be unfamiliar with the UI) Menos

The question is too vague, we should emphasize that the metrics are driven by the product goal. Perhaps adding an example from your experience might be good too. On high level without clear understanding of the feature that was developed on the page 1.) # of users visiting this page and who have seen this new section 2.) # of users who used any call to action in the component developed 3.) # of users who might have dropped off after certain actions. Other metrics (esp. if the page is critical) could be - 4.) Page load times with the module (it could be huge if the section in the page has multiple service calls for example) Menos

it was a fallow up from a previous question... just take your time and be calm

Tata Motors

are you willing to work out of india

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Johnson & Johnson

Explain the statement of cash flows and how important it is.

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How a company is financing its operations and growth - operations, investments, debt, etc. Menos

Cash flow is when the company or business is spending money to increase the profits there is more money coming in at a consistent bases . In short cash flow is when the cash is flowing into the business Menos

And it's vital for a business to have cash flow otherwise it can't run

Johnson & Johnson

Why Phama industry?

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Pharms helps in health care of Individuals

Hershey Ice Cream

Tell me your favorite Ice Cream Brand... after that, how would you compete against halo top if your sales are flat and ice cream category is growing

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Chocolate chip, and chocolate mint.

This company you reviewed sells ice-cream. Not the correct Hershey company that sells chocolate candy bars Menos


Tell something about your hometown

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explain the known places about your city


Why beauty?

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this one of the most important questions for the company, as a passion for the industry is a MUST. Menos

Beauty creates confidence and satisfied your self- esteem. Would I rather choose to be makeup beautiful than natural ugly. Menos

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