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A un Energy Storage/Battery Materials Simulation Scientist le preguntaron...21 de agosto de 2020

Describe your knowledge related to the position? How can you use your knowledge to address the problem. Why to you want to work here?

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I did good. I am an expert on the subject coming from the materials science department at Argonne National Lab doing cutting edge research in this field. I had every qualification they where looking for in terms of energy storage expertise and simulation ability other than mastery of machine learning. They still did not give me even the 3rd level of interview. Menos

I might add that if you apply be cautious about revealing to much about exactly what you are researching and how you would solve their problems. It is possible interviews are being conducted with no intention of hiring. Protect your hard earned knowledge! Menos

Headway Technologies

What is the salary do you expected?

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8k+, it is a little tough for me. It is neither about personality nor tehcnical skills, so I am not sure how to answer this one proproly. Menos

Promethean Particles

Asking about characterisation techniques relevant to the role.

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I talked through my personal experience with the technique


What related experience and knowledge do you possess that demonstrates you were able to provide a material solution that resulted in a successfully designed and manufactured product that met the customers operational requirement(s).

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1. I developed a unique and U.V. / visible light reactive paper sizing technique to coat and impregnate photocopying paper that was successfully introduced and used in the Paper and Board Industry to produce best quality color photographic tone and hue images using color photographs, photocopied using a standard, black on white photocopier. 2. I successfully developed a phosphate and carcinogen free, fire retardant chemical for diffused, impregnation coating both leather and synthetic upholstery used in the Furniture and Automotive Industries. 3. I successfully developed fast and accurate Atomic Absorption and U.V. / visible light spectrometer methods to verify the trace vitamin, mineral and antibiotic levels added to manufactured, animal feeds to regulate fast dietary growth and health for the Farming Industry. Menos


What is your experience with materials characterisation techniques

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I explained I had hands on and data interpretation experience with a range of techniques, and was interested to learn more Menos

EAG Laboratories

most questions are about the technical background

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RENAULT Sport Technologies

What material would you select for a driveshaft?

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I have discussed the mechanical properties and requirements before suggesting a family of alloys. Menos


Techniques de polymérisation

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I want to thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I am really sorry that your experience at Medincell did not match our intention of being the best place you the ever worked. As discussed over the telephone unfortunately your great skills in Engineering do not meet the drug delivery background we are looking for. Thank you again for the feedback and best of luck in your future endeavours! Menos

Michelin North America

You have done fundamental research in your Ph.D. that involves theoretical modeling and statistics. What is your take on the kind of applied industrial experimental work that we do?

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Provided my previous experience in industrial applied work.


What type of microscopes do you work on?

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I answered by saying the type and model of microscope I use. I followed up by listing its unique capabilities. Menos

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