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Texas Instruments
A un Marketing Program Manager le preguntaron...4 de noviembre de 2014

What do you anticipate your role to be?

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Not quite sure, you tell me...

To develop effective initiatives to increase brand awareness and sales

Root Whole Body

Are you willing to get your hands dirty with day to day tasks, projects and needs?

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Of course.


Sell us something. (presentation style with no notice in from of room of other candidates and a board of company employees.

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I told them about a book that everyone should read and the reasons why: it was Dr. Seuss, so it was a bit of a leap considering it is a children's book. But I presented the idea that it still held a lot of wisdom adults in the industry could draw inspiration from. People thought the idea of reading a kids book for adult inspiration was ridiculous, not surprisingly, less than a month after the interview, Richard Branson came out saying how he still took a lot from Dr. Seuss and some of the lessons in some of his books. Guess I was a bit too early for the lesson to be taken seriously. Menos


Type will provide you with a case that you must solve. It will normally be an issue or problem they had in the past or a currently working on. They will want to see your thought process. They will be looking to see how analytical and creative you are.

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You just need to know your stuff and be able to defend your response and be ready for additional follow-up questions. Menos


Nothing particularly. One interviewer started asking detailed technical questions around back-end systems.

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I answered them correctly, but they would be better suited for a Technical Architect and not a Program Manager Menos


No difficult or unexpected question.

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No difficult or unexpected question.


Why do you think you're qualified for this job?

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Explained that I had preformed the same role at a competing company above expectations. Menos


Tell me about your background

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I have had a lot to do with sales. I also have been a Care-Taker for the elderly. I am a certified Nurse's Aide. Lot of experience, in this area. I am good at customer service. I was waiting on a customer, at a restaurant one day; and she offered me a job. I asked her why she offered me the job, and she said I really like your customer service. Menos

Aerohive Networks

Give examples of some programs you managed

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Give relevant, concise examples (include type & duration)

New Concepts For Living

Coming from a corporate background, can you be comfortable working in an environment with a population of developmentally disabled individuals?

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I responded that it would be a pleasure to do what a do for an organization like this, where it really matters! Menos

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