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How do you feel about leaving a permanent position for a temporary one?

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Since the position was meant to be firstly temporary then permanent and the job offer was promising I wouldn't have minded.

She asked me about my professional experience, what can I bring to the company, to my role and the different skills and tasks that I was doing in my last experiences.

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How's your availability in the upcoming weeks? Can you also let me know what is your current salary and notice period?

How do you get informed? Do you have sales experience? Be aware that you will work on presentations and to close a seal for one week. They don't care if you know about journalism, this is advertisement sales at a crazy price ( 3 times higher than a regular advertisement in the N.Y.T. for example. This has been confirmed by one of my trainer in Madrid).

If i was a people person, no technical questions more about my background

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