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Please explain previous experience

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Story-tell your own accomplishments and experience

I’m writing on an iPhone and the battery won’t last long enough for me to story-tell my own accomplishments and esper

What are your goals in a 3 year window?

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How old are you? Also, are you thinking of having any children?

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience?

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What are your objectives? Why do you want to be in our company? Do you know what is a Mutua? Why do you want to leave your actual company

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Do you have a boyfriend? Is he moving to this city with you?

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¿qué puedes aportar al Grupo?

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If you would have to collaborate with a partner to improve brand awareness, who this would be and why?

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They asked for two complete Marketing Plans for their biggest global problems. Poor shrinking sales and negative results in UK Boiler Business ( Shrinking business due to total lack of value proposition and Marketing Strategy ) and integration of acquired companies. They do not have any Marketing basics or even a simple brand platform activated. Not even considered, not planned. Nothing.

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