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Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd
A un Casino Marketing Coordinator le preguntaron...22 de febrero de 2013

Do you believe in Big Foot?

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Yes, I am married to her.

Do you want me to believe in Big Foot?

I believe in Bigfoot as a symbol. A symbol for uneducated people that there may still be mystery and excitement in the world. A symbol so inspiring people will do absurd things to seek out that excitement. In this light, Bigfoot is an example of how easily people will believe in something they wanted to all along. Now we just need to convince them that a cruise will get them laid/ save their marriage/ reconnect them to their kids/ make them feel young again/ make memories that will last a lifetime and we'll be tripping over piles of cash. Menos

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Swatch Group

what is your weaknesses

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There's no such thing as weakness. Only areas need to be improved.

I'm fresh in the marketing but I am able to adapt as soon as possible

I can stand in one place

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David Lewis & Associates

They asked why I was previously employed at a company for such a short time.

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I told them the truth. The job was part time with low pay so I started interviewing for other part time job opportunities to help with bills. They found out and fired me. Menos

How did they leave it with you at the end of your interview? Were you told what to expect next? What ended up happening? Thank you. Menos

They said they would I would definitely hear back from them. After I didn’t, I called them and the receptionist told me I didn’t get the job. I got an email shortly after. Menos

Marriott International

How do I show balance my workload?

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I show my workload for my work performance

How can I apply for vacancy?

Make schedule and follow accordingly.

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Methodist Children's Home Society

No challenging questions were asked.

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This agency has extremely high turnover and staff morale is very poor, it can be attributed to the CEO that started in the summer of 2015. have you seen the poor reviews on Indeed? There is a reason for that. Menos

haha, why am i not surprised, this ceo is the reason i quit as a development coordinator, he never had any clear direction, was a liar and made stuff up as he went aloing Menos

why am i not surprised??? the ceo is a lying, manipulative little man.

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What will be the hardest part about working here

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Understanding the culture

Lying to yourself and believing that the Commercial Business team actually know what they're doing. Menos

Holding your nose so you can believe that the Content Marketing Team Sr. Management knows how to write content that grows an audience, gets sales response -- and recognizes headlines and call-to-actions that pull... and is on the same page so as not to make their worker bees sick as heck. Menos

HB Construction

Pretty standard questions. Why do you want to work here? How much training will you need? What is your process?

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I want to continue to use my carpenter skills where needed. Training deoends on task. My weak areas are in utilities and computer database. Process? Follow instructions and communication. Menos

I want to continue my carpenter skills where needed. Training depends on tasks however need to train more on utilities. Process includes following instructions and communication. Menos

I am a strong workers who is always willing to do the hardest job on the site i have integrity and ownership mentality which to me means that i get the job done right and efficiently. Menos

Myriad Provisions International

What do you see itself in five years?

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I would have been able to move up though the ranks and achieving my personal as w and financial goals. Menos

I would have been able to move up though the ranks and achieving my personal as well as my financial goals. Menos

To move up ranks

Nautica Enterprises

Do you have kids?

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I'm pretty sure it is illegal to ask this question in an interview.

This is an illegal interview question.


Marketing Instincts

What is my greatest work related weakness? Attention to detail? Follow through? Administration?

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Not knowing when to give up on something challenging & continuing to try to get through the brick wall. Menos

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