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A un Marketing Coordinator/Intern le preguntaron...7 de abril de 2022

What is the must have quality characteristic you would like your Supervisor to have?

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Open Communication

UT Dallas

How would you start of your first week of interning?

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What is something about Marketing that you're truly passionate about?


Know the company and stations that the position works on.

Juniper Networks

I had to read a few cases that the company was launching and write sample articles relating to the cases.


How would your group of friends describe you? What would you do if no one had the time to answer your questions? Where do you see yourself in 5 years


Be prepared for questions re: weaknesses (although my interviewer was intentional about not calling them weaknesses and rather framing them as areas for improvement) and shortfalls. In contrast, you should also be ready to talk about projects that you're proud of!

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