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Kane Realty
A un Farmers Market Manager le preguntaron...4 de diciembre de 2022

Tell me a little about yourself.

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I love that they started with this, because it gave me the opportunity to share highlights of my resume. Menos

MJH Life Sciences

Tell me about your background

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Describe a time you had to manage a project with multiple stakeholders.

Brookfield Asset Management

How many hours do you work in a week? (yes, this was actually a question)

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Well, this question just gives you an insight into the work-life balance culture of this company (the hiring manager proudly told me that 50 hours/week is the norm for them and in busy season they clock upto 60 hours a week. Menos

Brookfield Asset Management

How do you do cashflow forecasting

Brookfield Asset Management

Walk me through your resume


Where did you grow up?


Merci de répondre de manière instantané : si vous deviez vous définir en un mot ? :)

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Smart Home Security

Do you see yourself being able to fulfill this position


Can you develop a simple market intelligence tool with the small resources the company had?

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