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A un Program Manager Knowledge Management le preguntaron...17 de enero de 2023

Share a time when the scope of a project changed and how you communicated those changes to stakeholders.

Cityblock Health

Phone screen questions were about my experience, salary expectations, what interested me in the position. Very easy.

Zebra Technologies

They go with basic behavioral questions on program management

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yes. actually, the interview went beyond 20 mins beyond scheduled time


Q. Tell me about a time when you were trying to understand a complex problem and had to dig into details to figure it out.

Zebra Technologies

Would you have penetration testing performed on this?

National Physical Laboratory

Typical behaviour-based interviewing. Just check in internet the most common questions and learn by heart the pre-packed S.T.A.R. responses that you may find on the net, and you will have good chances to pass the interview. Your REAL levels of experience, skills, motivation and qualifications are irrelevant.

Loblaw Digital

Q: Why do you want to work at Loblaw Digital

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Tell me about a time when you were able to function in ambiguous situation

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Tell me about a time you managed a program from start to finish

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

What’s made you care about X issue in the last few years?

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