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Indel money
A un Administration Manager le preguntaron...3 de abril de 2019

Will you will be able to complete the task on time?

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It is possible to complete the task on time



Ascension Seton

This was on a questionnaire they gave me: "What is the least amount of money (per hour) you are willing to accept?"

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What is starting pay?

Not at al.l

It was extremely hard for me to pin down a number, and I found the question rather offensive. Menos

Why are you leaving your current organization?

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Sir timing issue

For better future

As the Head office shifting to other city and we were not offer to accompany

Green Monday

Tell us your experience

2 respuestas

Was offered the role. 1 month later told me freeze headcount.

Explain your experience

Advance Surfactants India Limited

How many girlfrinds do you have. which vehicle your drive or which one you use to commute to office etc.

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Pls join this organization if you don't have any thing in hand and start looking for the other option immediately after joining Menos

What is the harm in asking what vehicle your are riding or driving. If company is ready to pay 10 lac and hiring manager do you really expect he or she will come by bus or public transport. Menos

Stanislaus County Superior Court

Tell me how you handled a difficult employee. Tell me a time when you had to give bad news...blah, blah, blah

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They always, ALWAYS, hire internally, if you are outside they are using you to check mark their list so that could say they included an external person in the interview therefore we did not show favoritism. Menos

How you find yourself as an unsuccessful human being?

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I am stubborn.

Ruralshores Business Services

Question was on Various facilities and energy saving.

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Since I had vast experience on facilities & Technical viz., electrical, explained about the things related with facilities and energy saving in detail. Menos

Indian Institute for Human Settlement

A story that described me

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Had a story on moral values

Centurion University

Why do you think you will suit our work culture?

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Need to be doing new things all the time; stagnation is not for me. I love it that Centurion University is a pioneer and path breaker on many aspects - vocational training, pedagogy, ethical teaching and exam evaluations, on merit admission - it is a place where I am proud to work. Menos

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