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Woods Bagot
A un HR Systems Analyst le preguntaron...11 de marzo de 2022

What is your previous experience with HR systems technology?

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I detailed my experiences with a large employer at the time, and the different projects completed at my previous role. I also detailed what I thought might be of value to the business, and reflected on how my experience could help them achieve their long term goals in the HR systems space. Menos

Los Angeles County

If I could lift 70 lbs and if not would I ask for assistance.

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I said no I could not and that I would need assistance.


They asked me how I deal with situations where colleagues do not listen to my opinion and / or disagree.

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I gave concrete examples of situations where I encountered difficult situations and how I used my communication skills to solve them. Menos

Kansas Department for Children and Families

how do u react under pressure and deadlines

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very well


What are you earning currently?

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Mention the range you expect in your next role.


Tell me about a time

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Everything was your standard STAR, behavioral based questions

Family Mosaic

Tell me about yourself (as per cv)

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None observed

4G Clinical

UAT testing/Smoke testing/Go-live/Managing multiple projects

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Described how UAT testing, and smoke testing is done. I talked about number of years I have experience with various software testing and the tools. Have experience managing multiple projects. Menos

A.S. Watson Group

Do you know the company?

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Because the company works with their local brands, it is not very well known. You do have to do your search to find how big it is. Menos

Woods Bagot

What are your goals/career growth expecations?

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I detailed what I had hoped to achieve, along with my ambition to use the role to gain experience and move up if the opportunity existed at the time. Menos

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