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A un Highway Maintenance Worker le preguntaron...2 de octubre de 2014

I didnt know much about what I was getting into so be prepared for some long long shifts when it snows your working 12 hours minimum with few to any breaks. Pay was good but dont make any solid plans from October 15 to through April 15

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Do they drug test?

Yes they drug test.

They're called "hard 12's", but the OT is awesome. They provide you with safety gear, but be prepared to be out in the weather (and provide your own warm clothes and hot coffee thermoses) during that time. And you're right - the weather determines whether you're working 8's or 12's. Worked out of Kingvale 2 winters (out of the dorms) and Tahoe City for one, both doing chain control and running a reversible or butterfly plow. - this was 25 years ago (when i was a "pup" with CT) and was maybe the BEST way to get a foot in the door for a lot of folk! Menos

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Easy Questions.

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So Far Job Is Looking Really good. the only complaint is that you need to wait until your orientation day to know all the benefits that you will get.(Union Position). Menos


New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Why do you want to work for Parks?

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I've been a seasonal city park worker for 3 yrs and I feel I can Learn a lot from the park. I can see myself growing and retiring from the parks. Menos

It's a great way to make a difference in my City.

McHenry County

How did you hear about us.

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found the job listing online

The Tuxedo Club

Are you outdoorsy? Or like sports?

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Of course. I enjoy being outside more than anything and physical labor is the most satisfying! Menos

Snohomish County

What previous experience have you had that would make you qualified for this job?

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I said I mowed my own lawn and used seedeaters regularly.

New York City Housing Authority

if i am available, would i work overtime or weekends. many other questions about how familiar i was to this jobfield.

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truthfully and very respectfully.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Would you accept the job if offered.

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City of Olathe

have you driven a riding lawn mower before?

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yes multiple different kinds

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