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MG Properties
A un Maintenance Technician le preguntaron...14 de diciembre de 2017

the basic stuff experience etc

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just regular answers



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Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Can u describe the type of work you do?

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I do pressure washing/basic plumbing/basic electrical /painting basic carpentry/ drywall repair etc Menos

Yes I do all maintenance repairs

I do any handy men work like drywall, tile, remodeling and electrical plus plumbing Menos

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He also asked when I was able to start if approved.

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After one month

Im zaheer from Pakistan Apply for jobs I work in dubai dealership I have 13 years of experience I can totally do its trouble shooting as well as repairing Menos

I said immediately to a couple of days, all depending on what I would need equipment wise to begin. Menos

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Pratt Industries USA

What reading would you get by measuring one leg of a 480v 3 phase motor to ground?

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277 volts

The voltage between any one leg and ground will be 277 volts, and between any 2 hot wires will be 480 volts. Menos

It's an actual mechanic job

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American Airlines

What would you do if an experienced employee said you're making me look bad stop working so fast

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Rooftop Slushie requires a membership FEE. Why are you promoting it on every single interview question? Menos

I would suggest that the employee ordered a new uniform.

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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Volvo Cars

Would I ever work unsafe to finish a time on time?

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Scape (UK)

Can you do the job

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Yes I can do

Maintenance technician



How important is safety to you?

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Workplace safety is very important for each and every employee in the industry because all the workers desire to work in a safe and protected atmosphere. ... This is the only reason that why it is important to create a safe working environment. Menos

Safety is very important in everyone's life. Safety make your life worthy and perfect. Always safety first priority. Menos

Its essential to everyday operations.

United Airlines

Everyone makes mistakes, recall a time when this happened to you and how did you correct it.

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Do they ask you oral questions about your knowledge on being an A&P like the Op? Menos

I put my company employee number on my signature when I should of put my number that was given to me but the customer for that airline. Menos

The 50 question exam? What was the questions based off of? Was it the FAA questions for A&P? Menos

Agilent Technologies

Are you interviewing for other jobs.

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