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United States Steel
A un Maintenance Electrician le preguntaron...7 de octubre de 2015

No questions asked, told me they were impressed with my test results, made me an offer.

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Electrical schematics, conduit, PLC, AC/DC motors, electronics....little bit of everything. Menos

What was all on the assessment for maintenance technician electrical


what experience I had working for military

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I went through all my experience on my CV


Anheuser-Busch InBev

A phone test is implemented to test how you handle dealing with other employees.

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Very strange interview, as it is on the phone and they never stop typing when you are speaking to them Menos

this is talking about teamwork and your relationship with other colleagues. you can tell a story on this. Menos


my experience

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by my self


My experience with what types of electrical systems.

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I have worked in high and low voltage systems from install to troubleshooting. Experience with PLCs and other safety controls, and also wrote programs for HVAC applications. Menos

Peel Ports

To talk through work history-standard stuff yet this was basis of employing me!

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Just casually started from my first job n brief description of selected jobs I knew had relevance Menos


Describe the theory behind DC motor operation.

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I described DC motor operation to the best of my ability.

Day & Zimmermann

How long have I been in the nuclear,coal fire and hydro industry.

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Counting my 18 years with Duke Energy and the past 17 years with different contractors I have been in this type work for 35 years. Menos

Nestlé Purina U.S.

What type of electrical work is common for me

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I described I worked on wiring instruments, panels, mcc or main control rooms setup. Menos


What is this unlabeled electronic schematic doing?

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I told them that it was controlling the speed of a motor.

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