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A un Machine Learning Engineer le preguntaron...16 de agosto de 2022

Questions about academic/professional path, salary expectations, etc. "Explain the bias variance trade-off" "What's the difference between L1 and L2 regularisation" "Explain gradient decent (GD). Why do we use Stochastic gradient decent (SGD) instead of GD. Mention some other variants of optimisers." "Describe a ML system. What are the different components that go into it?" "Suppose you are asked to deploy a model as a micro-service. What are the various components you need to think about when designing the service. Give a generic explanation for each component and one particular instantiation using one or more technology." "What are Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)?" "What should be a leader?" "What are your strengths and your weaknesses?" "What motivates you to wake up everyday?"


take home NLP challenge. Very open ended and can tackle it any way you choose. Important thing is that you can explain why you made the decision you did.


Is it a good idea to choose harmonic series as learning rate?

Smart Steel Technologies

How would you evaluate the unlabelled data?


Vragen over voorbije projecten, en algemene ML-vragen: recall vs. precision, ROC-curve, git best practices, union vs. join, CI/CD, VM vs. container, ...


What is machine learning and it’s applications

What is a decision tree?


it was about combining sorted lists


Google for examples of their silly questions.

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