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A un Machine Learning Engineer Intern le preguntaron...13 de noviembre de 2019

Write a function to find the intersection between two arrays.

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there are many ways to write this function. If we want just to use native python language we can do : def inter(l1, l2): l3 = [v for v in l1 if v in l2] return l3 or we can for example use the intersection function like : def inter(l1, l2): l3 = set(l1).intersection(l2) return l3 Menos


Describe why you would be a good fit at IQVIA

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I talked about IQVIA's company and how my skills would help there company grow.

AI Foundry

Have you worked on GANs? Describe how they can be utilized to augment a dataset of documents?

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I had worked previously on GANs in an academic project to produce image datasets. So I was able to answer the question Menos


How to identify and deal with overfitting and underfitting

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A model is over-fitting when you see the epoch to become 100% accurate or more. to deal with it you can simplify the model by reducing the parameters, for example reduce the convolution neural networks or dropouts. A model is under-fitting when you see the losses do not reduce. Deal it with feeding the model with more data, do back propagation, switching to a non linear model from a linear one, adding hidden layers, convolution neural networks, and random dropouts. Menos


Why should we hire you?

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Hi Sir/Madam, I’m passionate to learn and work. I’m willing to take up the challenge at the same time able to contribute area that need to improve .. My responsibility, royalty, passionate and contribution worth in value that hired for sure… Menos

VIA Technologies

What's the project's detail about?

Ant Group

What is the most challenging part of your project? How did you solve this


A lot of questions about machine learning models, including random forest, neural network, and logistic regression.


- Given a dataset of demographics and vaccine usage dataset, how to build a model to predict how likely people to get vaccinated? How to interpret the models?

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