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A un Location Manager le preguntaron...17 de enero de 2013

What is the best car in the world

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told him my skateboard

The best car in the world is always good running condition.

Whole Foods Market

How would my time be managed between the two locations?

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I would use prioritization.

I would manage my time between the two locations by listening to radio in my car while driving to the other location. Menos

Do you have a problem hearing NO and/or taking about death on a daily basis

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She asked if the salary was in a range I was comfortable with and if the lack of benefits is ok with me

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I answered honestly that the salary and benefits were something that I would have to consider. I was aware of the salary when I applied to the position, but I was unaware there were no benefits. Menos

Springfield Music

So what do you like to do for fun? What kinda guy are you? What do you do outside of work?

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(I actually don't have many hobbies. I told him about geocaching, an activity I got into a year prior to this interview, but really wasn't doing it much at that time. I didn't want to appear as lame, but I certainly wasn't prepared to act like I was a wild and crazy, attractive guy outside of work.) Menos


How will you manage people that you used to work with as employees.

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I answered that I know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. I know the habits and behaviors of all them as well. You have to counsel it, coach it, talk about it and use progressive discipline if necessary. Menos


Tell me about a time you made a decision or took initiative on a project and it was rejected. What did you do/ how did you react?

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I explained a merchandising idea I had a number of years ago but the senior manager in the area didn't like it because it cluttered the shopping area. SO I found different ways to promote the same product and increase sales measurably. Menos


Are you familiar with the union?

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Yes I have worked closely with the union in the past with my previous jobs.

First Student

How would you feel about needing to be a at work by 5:00 AM or earlier some days?

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This would not be a problem

Arch Telecom

What makes you the best candidate?

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Explain how your past experiences make you the best candidate.

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