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McDermott Will & Emery
A un Litigation Secretary le preguntaron...21 de julio de 2022

I was asked about my COVID vaccination/booster status.

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Twice vaxxed; twice boosted!

Hoge Fenton

They inquired about my background/qualifications, strengths/weaknesses, quizzed me on certain filing procedures, and asked me about my familiarity with heavy calendaring/motion filings/discovery.

Morrison Foerster

Nothing specific stands out. There were many generic questions like how many attorneys are you used to handling and what type of programs you've used, do you know how to create TOC/TOA.


What special skills to you think you would bring to the position?

La Follette Johnson

Why do you want to work here?

McMillan Williams

Have you ever had a conflict with a colleague or a client, and if you have, how did you handle it?

Farmers Insurance Group

How long have you worked in the legal industry.

Seyfarth Shaw

Why do you want to work here? What have you heard about us?


What do you know about us? Why should we hire you? What does your husband do for a living [from the partner]?

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I cited to research I had done on the company - cases reviewed by the Supreme Court, litigation for which they're uniquely qualified. I cited to my 15 years' experience in federal and state litigation, and to my education. I answered the question about my husband generally, referencing the industry he works in. However, the partner then asked me what my husband does for a living, specifically, as in, "Is he a blah, blah, blah?" That made me uncomfortable, but I had to answer it at that point. When employers ask me on interviews what my husband does for a living, I think they're trying to figure out how much to pay me or how to define me in some other way [as if my qualifications and education are not enough]. They can ask me questions about my husband after they hire me. Menos


Do you know anything about Payne Assistance..

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