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Hammerberg Lawyers
A un Litigation Support Assistant le preguntaron...7 de enero de 2021

They asked about a challenging problem and the steps I took to solve it.

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I discussed an example where I need to go to various departments to get help and guidance on what steps to take to solve the problem. Menos

Wood Smith Henning & Berman

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, we're a small office but we are going at a rapid pace, would you be able to handle the increasing workload?

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Absolutely, organization, diligent attention to detail and acute awareness go into keeping up with an increasing workload. I've worked at firms where the staff wasn't as big to directly attack certain specific assignments, it's when I had to be more intuitive and schedule myself accordingly. Menos

Sierra Club

What, other than those related to climate change, is one of the biggest threats to the environment?

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St. Charles County, Missouri

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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What makes you interested to apply for this position knowing full well that it is an intermediate level vacancy?

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At this stage of my career I am in pursuit of a more defining path; one that is challenging, rewarding and provides a high level of job satisfaction where I am able to further develop my expertise. As the firm specialises in insurance and commercial law, I was certain it was the ideal place for me to reach such goals. Menos

Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty, Proctor, Buchanan, O’Brien, Barr & Mougey, P.A

How do you handle a situation where you don't know the answer or how to do something?

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I'm not afraid to ask a question and make sure I do it right.

Fletchers Solicitors

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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With a training contract.

US Secret Service

Why are you interested in working for the Federal Government and the Secret Service?

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I answered as completely as I could, highlighting my strengths and uniqueness as a candidate for the particular position. Menos

Morgan and Morgan

Who are your clients and why are you leaving.

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I didnt provide client names but explained why I am leaving.

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