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Giggle Garage
A un Senior Lighting and Compositing Artist le preguntaron...29 de febrero de 2016

Tell me about yourself!

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Just answer: 1. Confidence 2. Perfectionist 3. blablabla etc

ICON Creative Studio

introduce, previous experience

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told what I did before.

Bardel Entertainment

Why do you plan on leaving the current studio that you work at?

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Looking for experience and better opportunity at another studio

Luma Pictures

They ask the usual questions trying to gauge your compatibility with the other employees and if you can speak with intelligence about visual effects and prior projects you were involved with.

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I'm great at interviews like this so I managed to show useful enthusiasm and the typically, "Teamwork is king" responses. Getting into Luma is not difficult if you have a decent reel. Menos


I was asked to discuss the specifics of a couple of pieces of work.

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I explained how the results were achieved and what methods I used to get there.


Which render engine have I used.

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Arnold, V-ray and MentalRay.


Do you have experience using Vray?

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What renders do you use?

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Refferred them through my demo reel and explained about the render engines I was using and about how I came to use this as my primary render engine as my choice. Menos

Digitales Studio

All question was easy about where you worked, what kind of projects you worked on.

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Be original with your answer.


what software i have experienced with lighting, and whats the hardest shot i did out of my reel

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i answered accordingly

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