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Disney Consumer Products
A un Assistant Manager, Licensing le preguntaron...4 de junio de 2011

what do you know about the retail market?

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I have 12 years experience in pharmaceutical companies in sales and marketing, I develop the costumers and mainta sales Menos

(even if you don't have direct experience, do your research before the interview and demonstrate what you know and how it would apply to the job) Menos

Brand Central

What are your goals in your next position?

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What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

Mount Sinai Health System

Familiar terms in terms sheet negotiations.

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Cases for various unique partnerships.


Nothing difficult or unexpected. All job related. Behavioral interviews - examples of when I did xyz which was easy for this job. They did ask a few questions related to difficult problems they needed to solve and didn't have an answer for to see how I might be able to help them :-) and probed a bit on how I might approach making the transition to NetApp after being at HP for almost 27 years...

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In the end, it's about problem-solving and asking the right questions of the right people. And, usually, if you have a strong background in the area/expertise, you know WHAT needs to be done, you just then need to figure out HOW to get it done in a new culture and with new systems and processes. That is doable :-). Menos

ABKCO Music & Records

Can you walk me through your synch licensing experience as it relates to the needs of this role?

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They underpay and the COO yells at her staff constantly that it’s flat out abusive - not only would you have been underpaid you would have been screamed at every day. Bullet dodged! Menos


How are you at working late? Sometimes we get called upon to do that with special projects and the like.

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Comes with the territory sometimes. Little did I know my interviewer would purposely keep me after hours with nothing better to do than talk about a cost accounting issue that could just as easily been addressed either earlier in the day or first thing next morning. Stupid me -- I took them at face value, accepted their offer and regretted it nearly immediately. Menos

Morton Salt

Asked how I would build out fledging licensing program.

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Prepared a 30-60-90 day plan

Wright's Media

What's the most important part of selling?

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Ask for the sale

Swank Motion Pictures

Pretty standard questions, nothing out of the ordinary you need to go out of your way to prepare for.

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I would suggest answering questions direct, to the point, and show a positive attitude when possible. Menos

Mass General Brigham

Why do you want to work here?

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So I can pay my rent.

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