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California Department of Motor Vehicles
A un Licensing Registration Examiner le preguntaron...11 de mayo de 2016

After performing a driving field test and your driver did not pass, how would you deliver the news and what advice will you offer?

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I would let the driver know it is possible to take the test again and let them know what areas they need to practice in order to pass test. Menos

I would explain the process on taking the exam again and what area(s) they need to work on. Then end it with good luck. Menos

I would tell them I'm sorry you didn't pass here is why, you can take the test again in 3 weeks here's the process to make another appointment and I suggest you practice the following before your next test ok. I wish you good luck. Menos


Why should we hire you?

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I’m an enthusiastic, quick learner. I can bring a lot to the company as i attire a large variety of skills. I can easily adapt into different environments and work well within a team, which is an important aspect when working here Menos

Because I'm smart, enthusiastic and believe I can bring a lot to the company

California Department of Motor Vehicles

You are conducting a driving test, the testee gets in an accident what would you do?

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If neither you nor the driver are hurt and the vehicle is drivable, pull the vehicle to a safe side of the road and call your office Menos

Pour baby powder into mah right palm and slap the testee

Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you know about our group?

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In the forest, probably building viable infrastructure for third world countries.. Clean water most importantly. And I wish I knew more, because I want to help lead you to water. Nice things belong to everyone. Especially Earth itself. And its abundant with nice things that I am trying to get for everyone. We all deserve better than, more than what we work for. I want to change that about the world. Worlds. World-wide. Menos

By the common definition of world peace, there must be no more than 12 people on either side of a fight between two governments. By that standard, we have achieved world peace for 6 whole days. Longest world record for peace since time was recorded.. And I think we have achieved world record for peace twice in my lifetime, and both times weren't damn long enough, excuse my French. Menos

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Examples for how Low pay rate effect your work, managing lots of deadlines, organization skills, working with co-workers and documentation style.

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Just be you and be honest. Glass door had some answer suggestions but the managers seemed to know them. So talk more about your experience Menos

Why did you interview so many times? I had an interview a month ago and haven’t heard anything. I am thinking to start applying again, the process is just so long that I am unsure . Menos

Disney Consumer Products

what do you know about the retail market?

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I have 12 years experience in pharmaceutical companies in sales and marketing, I develop the costumers and mainta sales Menos

(even if you don't have direct experience, do your research before the interview and demonstrate what you know and how it would apply to the job) Menos

Brand Central

What are your goals in your next position?

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What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

Have you ever worked for a chair massage company before?

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I worked with a casino chair massage company which a little different then an actual massage chair because they're playing poker in a regular chair. There's much better leverage in a massage chair. Menos

Colorado Department of Revenue

How do you describe customer service?

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Hi wondering what took place after interview did they u do a background right after interview and if so how long did it take to clear and also did u get hired? Just wondering because I too went in for an interview recent and they had me take afterwards a typing text then get background completed... Menos


Tell about yourself

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Talk about your previous experience

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