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A un Level Designer le preguntaron...9 de agosto de 2012

Why, as a girl, I decided to follow a career in Level Design

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I believe the gender is not important, if the job is done as well being both boy or girl Menos


Was müssten wir tun um Sie nach einer Woche bei uns wieder zu vergraulen?

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Arbeitszeiten über 10 Stunden am Tag.

Redemption Games

How would you improve your favorite game?

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Tell me a joke.

Wild Republic

What is the difference between a copyright and trademark.

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I said I did not know

DCI Marketing

At the time the most focused discussion was on how fast I could create visual imagery. Emphasis on sales team feeling it took too long to get design done for them. I bring this up because, it was unexpected that they cared more about my ability to produce rather then the quality of my designs.

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With my skill-sets and focus on new technologies, I had the right software and know how to be a fast image generator. This coupled with my ability to publicly speak is exactly what they were looking for. It proved in my time there that these two skill sets were held in highest regard. Menos

Wild Wing Cafe

Do you think you can work in a fast-paced work environment?

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In my sleep


Go through the portfolio works.

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Explain every work I added in portfolio.


What was one of the projects you were most proud of?

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I spoke of a recent project where I was fortunate enough have a wonderful team and we were really happy with how it turned out. Menos


What is level design to you?

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Found this one a bit odd, but talked about what I think makes great level design

Marmol Radziner

What were some of your experiences working in a collaborative environment?

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A varied and often divergent group of perspectives looking at a problem will inevitably result in a better end product than the one Starchitect fixating on realizing their vision. It doesn't matter where an idea comes from but how it is shared and made to evolve over time; and a strong idea is one that can't be VE'd out. Menos

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