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Roberts Crosbie Mortensen Lawyers
A un Senior Legal Secretary le preguntaron...31 de octubre de 2023

No questions asked or pre phone interview

Mindcrest  (India)

How did you hear about us?


Give me an example of a problem you had to solve

The Cigna Group

Tell us about your last position.

Larson Maddox

Your background experience in the field

Withers Worldwide

One of the questions was, “how would you handle a client who keeps calling and wanting to speak to their attorney?” Keep in mind that the attorney is out of the office and is in meetings all day.

Martin Tolhurst

Could you tell me about yourself

Town of Gilbert, Arizona

Why do you want to work for the town of Gilbert

Clifford Chance

Previous experience, academic background, languages, soft skills

Why are you interested in the position? How do you see yourselves

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