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Government of Canada
A un Legal Secretary le preguntaron...27 de octubre de 2018

What would you do when dealing with three different lawyers asking you to do a task at the same time

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Time management Evaluate the jobs by priority Communicate with the lawyers Ask for priority levels Menos

Do multitasking , Use your intellectual to to finish the task on minimum time limit set the priority task and the deadline time for each task . Take all the lawyers in concol set the priority and finished the job Menos

I will finished this work is given dedline I confident on my ability I will finised work I will take permission how much time one work finished after take second work Menos


What's your primary concern when choosing a job?

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Company culture and whether I can learn from the job.

can foresee my future and to step up for my career

Provide different opportunities and develop my potential.


Have you heard about our company?

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I have heard of the company from Long time ago 1970's actually in my country there is factory of Van Heusen and is very popular brand for shirts and pants, most of the school wear a style of shirt that is called the Cubayera Menos

I told her I was familiar with the name but since their website was down I was read up on then besides reviews. Menos

Hunton Andrews Kurth

How do you handle difficult attorneys?

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I gave an example of working with an attorney described as a monster and how he and I got along extremely well; friends to this day (20 yrs later). I answered that I have not had an attorney that remained difficult after some adjusting for both of us. Menos

I have been dealing with lawyers for 36 years. I don't argue with lawyers, I JUST OUT PERFORM THEM! Lawyers don't do the tedious, resourceful, challenging, menial tasks like discovery and verification. We "gofers" do the hard work, i.e. Legal Secretaries, Auditors, Document Control and Contract Management personnel. During the discover period, I ensure pertinent documentation is pursued to the nth degree. Then I DOCUMENT the fact that I was (not them) the FONT OF THE DISCOVERY EVIDENCE they require to support their deliberations. I have little tolerance for "Credit Stealing " or "Blame Shifting" lawyers. I don't tolerate condescension from "baby lawyers". The sooner lawyers and I get to the meeting of the minds about those roles, the better. Ill-mannered lawyers are their own worst enemies. I always remind him or her that EVERY litigation has a winning and a losing lawyer. They hate me... until I save their backsides. Then we are suddenly best friends...NOT. Menos

Baker Donelson

What do you think you need in order to be successful in this position.

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I appreciate clear instructions and expectations. Honest feedback so that I can make necessary adjustments is also helpful. Menos

To be successful in this role i need an opportunity, and to be able to gain more knowledge and experience working with this team Menos

State Farm

How would you handle a situation where 2 attorneys requested their work as priority?

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I would also ask all parties involved what their *absolute* deadlines were. If said deadlines left me unable to effectively perform the task, I would enlist assistance. Menos

I would first ask what their deadline for completion is, and then enlist the help of another team member for assistance. Menos

DLA Piper

All normal questions for this position

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I agree with the other answer. I also am employed at DLA Piper and find this company to be one of the worst employers I've ever had. Ineffective management and toxic environment. Consider yourself lucky to have escaped unscathed.... Menos

How unfortunate. I am employed at DLA Piper and found the interview process to be grueling in all senses of the word (time, format, etc.). I'm sorry you had this experience. But to be honest in my humble opinion, you should be glad you didn't get the job. DLA is filled with ineffective management and is an awful place to work. Menos

Law + Brandmeyer

Will you be satisfied just being a Legal Secretary?

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How do you answer a question like this one? I asked them to explain their question. Menos

I would have little problem being regarded as a "legal secretary"; however, I would expect that over the course of my tenure at this law firm I would learn new practice areas, procedures, software and that I would gain additional duties and responsibilities. Menos


"please describe when you've had a bad day at work"

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I gave an example but I explained that I didn't see it as bad but rather a challenge and explained how I resolved it Menos

Kirkland & Ellis

Do you have experience taking care of personal business for an attorney.

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No, but I am capable of handling it with the same professionalism as making hotel reservations or completing the forms to obtain expense reimbursements. Menos

As long as said business is legal, I have no problem with it.

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