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Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
A un Legal Assistant Document Production le preguntaron...28 de septiembre de 2017

What value can you add to our firm?

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I am resourceful, adaptable team player that is committed to the success of each project given to me. Menos

My experience and education.

Rocket Lawyer

How my education would help me moving forward in this position.

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Based on my legal experience, I believed that this position would be benefited from my legal knowledge. Menos


It was how do you deal with gossip and people who are not ready to grow up yet.

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You don't participate in anything that is going on within the company. You keep it professional. Menos

How do you take criticism?

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Positively to strive to do better next time and growth through learning from mistakes Menos

Deily & Glastetter

How do you deal with high stress fast pace settings?

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Stokes Wagner

I was asked what my favorite thing to do in the whole world is.

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I answered that it would either be hiking outside with my family and dog or eating A LOT of movie theatre popcorn while watching a movie. Menos


What is your Language?

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I mentioned 2 languages: Korean(Native) and English(Fluent) also Chinese(Basic Cantonese) Menos

M&T Bank

How can you contribute to the team?

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With my experience in the classroom and in the working world I have developed team and individual skills that will accompany any type of work that is required of me, in combination with my skills of fast learning, attention to detail and work ethic, I'm confident that I will be a healthy contribution to your team. Menos


Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer, describe the situation and what was the outcome?

WLT Group

Why should I hire you?

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