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Brown & Streza
A un Legal File Clerk le preguntaron...15 de febrero de 2022

Why do you want to work for our firm?

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My experience is exceptional and I say this because when given the opportunity to shine and prove to each company that I've worked for that I will be essential to their company, the work speaks for itself. I want say that I put my all in everything I do and most of the time I do so effortlessly. Menos

Why not? I believe if you set your mind to something then you just get better at it and anyone can appreciate that. I'm a quick learner and am easy to work with. Brown & Streza is a reputable firm and your work speaks for itself. Menos

Highest level of education? Any certifications? History of working in a debt collection firm?

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At the time of the interview my degree was in progress (now obtained), and I had no history of working in a firm. However I did have administrative experience. My schedule was also flexible. Menos

Fellers Snider

Tell us about yourself? (probably the most important question)

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The interviewers were not looking for who you are as a law student, but as a person. They wanted to know your interests and how you spent your time outside of law school and the library. Menos

Nelson & Kennard Attorneys At Law
A un Legal Clerk le preguntaron...28 de septiembre de 2017

How do you handle criticism?

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Said I take that as a way for me to improve in my job

County of Santa Clara

Procedural Questions

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I answered the procedural questions with what I experienced as a legal assistant with other employers. The process is about the same. I was hired and offered the job within 2 weeks. Menos

Superior Court of California County of Santa Cruz

Why do you want to work for the court system?

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I am passionate about law and justice.


Tell me about your family?

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I am the oldest child and have been put in a leadership role all my life.

Keller, Fishback & Jackson, LLP

Where do you live?

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K&L Gates

salary expectations

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Solano County Superior Court

What challenges would you anticipate if hired?

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Workload amount and pressure to complete by allotted time. Questions from the public, demands, and resolutions if needed. Knowing the laws and procedures would also be very important. Menos

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