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A un Leadership Development Trainer le preguntaron...28 de septiembre de 2015

Traveling to other cities is 75% with reimbursement of travel expenses; do you have a credit card? Would you have a problem with paying for all of your travel expenses up front?

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Yes, I have a credit card but what is the turn around time for reimbursement of travel? It would depend on how many days would be spent traveling and how often. Menos

It would depend on how quickly re-imbursement I received.

I have worked many regional and national trade shows and am familiar with the workload and have required to successfully assemble and produce a quality trade show experience. I would expect salary commensurate with experience, time and product provided on a regular basis. That said $60,000 would be my initial expectation, plus travel, living and meal expenses. Menos


What one job accomplishment are you most proud of?

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Leading my Department's Training Management Program Inspection and receiving a 92% pass rate. Menos

Ryder System

Very disorganized

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Unclear objectives

Goodman Solutions

What's your salary expectations?

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I countered with "what's the range?" to be told that for a senior position, that they were requesting a minimum of 8 years experience, the range was $35,000 to $45,000. No incentive or bonus comp but according to the girl (yes, I'm using the word specifically) you get "free DirectTV:". Menos

Legacy Supply Chain

Why do you want this position?

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It fits my professional purpose.

Holland & Barrett

What you do first 100 days

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15 Minute presentation on this

Rocket Companies

Maximum level of Education. Job only required a BA, I hold an MBA, plus a lot more than the 2 years required to teach and train.

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Provided length of education and additional skills that exceeded requirements...

LifeLabs Learning

They asked "mock" questions. There was a role play where the interviewers posed as students and asked you, the facilitator, questions about the material presented. 1. What does research say about feedback? 2. What if someone commits a microaggression? You also provide feedback when "students" give examples of statements containing "blur" words when giving feedback. Just a note, I am very familiar with providing feedback. However, I had not heard of the term "blur" words before this interview. Be sure to focus on this term and provide "clear" feedback to your "students" during your demonstration.

Shaw Communications

Why do you want to move to Vancouver? It is very expensive city to live in

International Committee of the Red Cross

What words would the people you worked with at your last job describe you?

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