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A un Engineering Leadership le preguntaron...25 de enero de 2023

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NRG Energy

"Why NRG" "Why energy" "Why your school" And then other various questions in that vein, all pretty boilerplate.

The Coca-Cola Company

What is your leadership style?


5 behavioral questions. Why Bell? A project where you did not have all the skills? How did u manage? The project which was by far the best for you?


Why do you want to work at Bell


1. Describe yourself 2. Why do you want to work at bell/ Which role in the Graduate Leadership program are you interested in 3. Tell me about a time when you lacked skills in project/How you overcome it 4. Recent project experience and your project plan

PMG Digital Company

Name a time you used data.


Basic recruiter interview questions to see if there is alignment.


Do you think 8 months is a long time to hear back from an employer?


Why Nike? What about the brand resonates with you?

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