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A un Assistant Technical Manager/Lead le preguntaron...14 de agosto de 2015

why did u left your last organisation

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Carrier growth


To solve problems that looked like Conway's Game of Life, but with very large boards. The goal was efficiency.

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Recognizing that large areas of the board were going to be in a stable and identical state across the cells allows the development of algorithms that treat those areas in a single step, resulting in much more efficient processing. Menos


They asked me to explain my management style

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I started by talking about what I expect and want from my manager, as an example of what I try to provide: clarity of expectations, transparency, and honest constructive feedback. Menos

Booz Allen Hamilton

Have I worked in a project management capacity and how my role impacted shift workers.

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This was situational so it depends on your own circumstances at your previous or current jobs. Menos


What is the career plan that the candidate has, unfortunately there are some people who doesn't have a career plan for their self.

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Is very important to have a plan of professional development, is very important to know where you go as professional. Menos


Q1) Review the document available online and provide comments, improvements suggestions on the same. Q2) Create a presentation that talks about how to implement quality improvement, and ensure that quality is improved. What are the steps you would take to implement and ensure implementation of quality? Q3) What are the various documentation tools in the market and how do you select the best available tool?

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A 1) Sent the assignment with review comments. A 2) Created the presentation with all information and went to their office for presentation. The Director of Product Management ensured that he took a copy of the presentation. A 3) Depending on the platforms that the product is available to use we must select a tool that helps rendering outputs on all those platforms. We must also consider the product roadmap and ensure that the tool is also meeting any future requirements of platform. Generally, an XML based doc source allows you to render documents in many formats. We may also need to set up a system and environment around it. Menos


How will be able to make a difference in this company?

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Understand the company and identify how in this role you improve the position.


Performed a product case study on expanding Instacart from the US to Europe.

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I have direct experience in this exact US to European expansion in product, so I was able to walk through this exercise in good detail. Menos


Questions were relevant to testing and java

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I have answered all very well and been selected after 4 rounds as well...

MPR Associates

Case study involving a material failure in a valve.

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