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Greenhatch Group
A un Land Surveyor le preguntaron...22 de abril de 2011

Are you happy working outside even in the cold and rain

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I am also working outside. Cold is not problem if rain then instrument ( GPS, TS) problem. Is OK for me Menos


Noble Energy
A un Land le preguntaron...20 de febrero de 2014

What do you know about Noble?

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It's always important to research a potential employer and commit a few handy facts to memory. Menos

Its a well ran Company, mainly in oil and gas, world wide, great benefits

LGI Homes

What do you know about LGI?

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Based off the research I conducted online I was able to find the LGI was a home builder that had seen a lot of growth in the past 15 years and their target customer were predominately first time home buyers. Menos

Actually not much

University of Cambridge

Why this course? Why not economics or geography?

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(Confidential agreement)

I picked this course as it combines aspects of both law and economics and I'm interested in the ways they eahc complement each-other. For example, economics can be used to determine effective policymaking and law can be used to bring about economic efficiency. The idea that these are then both combined to work towards a common goal - sustainability - which is becoming a growing issue in the modern day is what made the course appeal to me above any others. Menos

Who you have experience in surveyor

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I have 5 years experience in surveyor.

Environment Agency
A un Land Surveyor le preguntaron...11 de septiembre de 2017

Competency based interview

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T.S. Dudley Land Company

Are you willing to travel around the country

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Yes I am willing to travel


Tell us about your past work experience

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20 plus years in municipal Regulatory Environments including, Land Use Planner, Development & Planning Officer, and Compliance Officer. Menos

Transport for London

Mixed of Technical and personal questions, friendly approach.

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Naturally, just be honest

Paul Carr Estate Agents

What do you know about Paul carr

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I reeled off the info I had researched on their website

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