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McGill University
A un Lab Manager le preguntaron...22 de abril de 2019

Why you would like to work in the lab?

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What are your strength and weakness?

Firstly, I like most side in lab like benefit same people.

Chromocell Corp.

Why has it taken so long to find a job.

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We were a one- salary family, and my wife has been teaching this year. As a first year teacher, it took tremendous amounts of time, so we essentially switched roles. In addition, the Pharmaceutical Research field is a tough one right now. Menos

Graceland University

Some questions were. Why do you want the job? How can you help those around you and what skills do you have across said disciplines of math, computer science, and writing papers. Behavioral questions about integrity, organization, and accountability.

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I told them i would be consciously available and proactive in helping those in need. That I had taken on a lot of personal projects and been active in classes that allowed me to help those in their entry level coursework across multiple disciplines. Menos

Professional Service Industries
A un Lab Manager le preguntaron...24 de diciembre de 2015

How much money you want to make?

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at least 10-20% than I get right now.

Lone Star College

How would you manage multiple request from different instructors at the same time?

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I would weigh each request to determine which one should be given higher priority and which request require immediate action/response and which one can wait a little longer. Menos

Salt Lake Community College

Why do I think that I am suitable for this position

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Regarding my qualifications, I think that I am suitable.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

My interview questions were more geared toward my research studies and my CV. Therefore, the questions asked are irrelevant and only specific to my career.

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It was all by referral and network connections.


They focused, it seemed, more on my personality and interactiveness that anything. One question that stood out was about how I would deal with managing tenured personnel being a new manager.

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Very openly, I explained that I tend to always rely on the more tenured personnel as they tend to know if the reason why thing are done the way they are done. We only change things because we want to improve them. So in order to ever improve anything, we must first understand 'why' it is how it is. The tenured know these things far better than most. Menos

University of Connecticut
A un Lab Manager le preguntaron...29 de septiembre de 2020

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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I see myself at UCONN because it is a successful organization that keeps growing. Menos

Crabapple Academy

Do you have CPR certification?

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