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A un Junior Web Developer le preguntaron...12 de febrero de 2022

On the interview I had to code an example with PHP and as they were watch me develop.

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Can you please say something about the task?

Can you please tell which task they gave to you during the interview, would be very helpful. Menos

what was the code subject in interview?

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How would you rate your self on a scale of 1-10 on your skills in HTML, CSS and JS.

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I think you dodged a bullet at this place. pretty much all senior management, from the very top down, are inept Menos

Come work at Legacy, where you'll career will end up being as dead as one of the people in their posted obituaries Menos

I'm a real fan of the recent fake positive reviews about this place. It's hard for me to believe that anyone could be so cruel as to write up a fake review that might end up duping someone into working here Menos

ZE PowerGroup

What is the white space character in the regular expressions in Java?

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Prime IT

Seu eu sabia o que fazia a Prime IT

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Falando o que havia lido a respeito da empresa e de seus metodos de trabalho

Classic egg drop problem from a multi-story building

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Binary search

Canada Revenue Agency

They gave me a laptop with Eclipse and I had to make a java method that takes in velocity and other parameters and uses the projectile motion equation to output the distance.

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Passed in given values as parameters and used the formula to return the distance

OmniPay UK

technical interview

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The technical interview is taken by senior developer from UK he was very nice and humble, gave me a task related to front-end which is divided into three sub task 1) Centring the button 2)Adding image to the button 3) Removing button on click using JavaScript. The interviewer was very nice helped me solving the task had a little talk. Menos

Array Studios

Are you more concerned with the big picture, or are you details oriented?

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I'm detail oriented. The final goal could be either unspecific or an object to be changed, but the details are always to be achieved. Menos

Search Influence

how to change a phone number on every page of a site

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find and replace

Malouf Companies

Have you used PHP before? And are you set on using C#?

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I haven't used it before but it's something that I am willing to learn with the job as well as learning it outside of work to improve my knowledge on it. I have no ties to C#, if the company is going to use PHP as there language then that's what I'm going to use. Menos

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