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A un Junior Front End Developer le preguntaron...5 de septiembre de 2017

Haben Sie Erfahrung mit Unit Testing?

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Können Sie mir bitte sagen, welche Frage in der persönlichen / finalen Runde gestellt wurde? Ich werde 2 Stunden verabredet. Position Junior Full Stack Entwickler. Deine Antworten werden mir auf jeden Fall helfen !! Bitte antworte Menos

Can you please describe the coding challenge ?

You are supposed to write a game, or the beginnings of it, including all the tests. It wasn't easy. Menos

Journal of Medical Internet Research Publications

Explain your process for developing the assessment

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I talked about my own process and the steps I took to complete the assessment.


As a designer, did I think I would get bored with coding and troubleshooting?

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I let them know that while design is a creative field, I have always been interested in designing for the user, and coding is no different. Whether creating a design or writing code the interesting part to me was the end result for the user. Menos


What was the most challenging technical feature or project you have worked on until now?

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Make a mirror website of spacex for ITI final project


Where you see yourself in 5 years?

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This is also about your vision and feeling

CIED Technologies

What is Lazy loading in angular

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Lazy loading dynamically loads the feature modules when there's a demand. This makes the application faster Menos


So before November 2018, you had never been exposed to coding?

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No (he clearly hadn't looked at my CV or my GitHub profile before I arrived for the interview). Menos

Shift Technology

The different of double equal and triple equal in Javascript. String operations.

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Difference between Equals operator and STRICT Equals Operator if we compare a == b where both are values, we produces true or false javascript will convert if necessary "125" == 125 // true 125 == 125 // true using === is not the same we compare using same type and the values need to be equals "125" === 125 //false let x =999; a === 999 //true a ==='999' // false Menos


Any optimization technique I had learnt before? Why you love front end development?

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I love Front end cuz its will allow you to bulid anything in your imagination intro a reall screen to show it to the world Menos


A few logic and complexity questions as well as theory.

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I answered as I saw fit and was challenged to try to optimize my answers which I did. Menos

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