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A un Junior Auditor le preguntaron...4 de febrero de 2013

Why do you want to work in audit

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because I see my self as an auditor .. and I will gain much experience from it

Did you have english test in auc or british council? Please discribe the exam tone does it focus in financial words or general words and grammer Menos


I had a one hour written test on paper based on finance, audit, ifrs, accounting and excel.

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Hello, can you please share what kind of finance, audit, ifrs or excel questions, if you remember the specific questions? Thank you Menos

Put and call options. Depreciation and basic questions on excel.


O que você sabe fazer no excel?

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Procv, tabela dinâmica entre outros


Tell me something funny that happened to you recently

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I tried to come up with a college story. The manager did not laugh. I think he tried to make me nervous to see how I would react Menos


Formación académica, idiomas y habilidades sociales

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Grado en economía, ingles B1


Tell us about the challenging situation you had encounter in your professional life.

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Majority of the questions were based around person's individual job experience , hobbies, what skills/ knowledges(certificates) does one have, except of the very first question: What do you know about the company? Menos


What do you consider yourself in a team?

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A contributor. If I am in a team I would like to be someone who always look for a chance to contribute and give something to the team. Menos

"tell me about yourself"

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this big open ended question was probably the focal point of the interview, and this was the opportunity to talk myself up as much as possible. as mentioned above, the interview did not consist of many specific questions, he really wanted to hear what I had to say and allowed me reasonable time to do so Menos

What is the difference between Internal and external audit?

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Grupo Salinas

Porque escogiste la vacante, retos similares al puesto que hayas enfrentado, etc.

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De manera honesta y siempre seguro de mis respuestas

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