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Accounting Principals
A un Junior Accountant le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2018

What's the first three factor that's most important that the company has for you to work with

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Good leader

Peaceful environment

Facilities given to the employees

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why do you choose the audit?

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Why do you want to work for BDO

- I choose audit because I can learn and teach something new everyday. I can grow up as Accountant by searching mistakes in the accounts of Balances and interview with others accountants. Menos

InterChange Group

What can you contributed to the company?

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I do not prepare for this question, so I just told them I do not know and this is what I want to find about too. Menos

Experience, creative thinking, and strong skills in accounting solutions

Penn Capital Management

What is a basis point

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One hundredth of a percent

.one one hundredth of a percent

Healy Consultants

What are my weaknesses?

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I answered them confidently citing some examples and also explaining to them how I will overcome the weaknesses. Menos

I have focus more on detail

DXC Technology

Are you a team player or individual? Examples.

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Best to answer with both something along the lines of I work well in teams however I am also very capable of being independently and working autonomously when situations require for it . Menos

What is Towner Management all about?

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The Company is one of the leading offshore management companies in Barbados and the Caribbean region. Menos

Kaufman Rossin Fund Services

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

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Hopefully in one of these partner offices next to yours if its vacant.


Tell me about yourself

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Discussed my background and how it relates to the role

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