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Intellect Design Arena
A un Java Technical Project Manager le preguntaron...24 de septiembre de 2016

1st round Java Technical First round a) How do u identify memory leaks and how do u solve it. b) How do you take Thread dump in java. c) How to remove duplicate value from ArrayList d) What version you use for Java & Weblogic & Database e) Have u used any joins & procedure, do u do query optimizations 2nd round With VP a) How do you track project, project management tool b) About SDLC methodology c) Draw System architecture diagram on which i have worked on d) How to you identify if any project is running out of time and what steps are taken e) How do you handle non performing resource (either he is coming late or not giving output) f) What if some high priority task comes suddenly and how do you have both the stake holders g) What is my role during the software development process (during coding) with the team.

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How to remove duplicate value from ArrayList ? List strList = new ArrayList(); strList.add(...); Set uniqueHashSet = new HashSet(strList); //Removes duplicate elements Menos

Today (saturday) only i had interview cleared both rounds as per HR will get final confirmation on Monday Menos


How to build java file? How to run a trigger? What is Quality Gate?

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Answered with previous company's example

Crossover for Work

.NET questions, GRE Math

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Multiple choice

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it was mostly around, what efforts ur putting to be an solution architect and system design concepts. benefits of microservice and modular approach. other questions about system scalability, code quality, a small code to write and go through it etc

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Be prepared to answer java 8, java9, system design questions

Polaris FT

After a wait of 5 hrs, a short technical interview in which interviewer was more interested in knowing if he applies for job with your current employer what are his chances of getting recruited and how much package he can ask for... No technical discussion at all....???

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I did not had words

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As mentioned above in the description.

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Funny thing is that the solution is being distributed & copied by other candidates to get the interview call. Menos


Tell me about your Java Development experience

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Provided background on Java / .net projects I've managed


There were no questions - Phone interview never took place

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What answer - Genpact was unprofessional never bothered to call!!!!!!


System Design: Design Netflix.


Most of the questions were direct and expected. No big surprises here.

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