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ABM Industries
A un Janitorial Supervisor le preguntaron...1 de junio de 2013

"Are you afraid of heights?"

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Can you start tomorrow? The initiator spoke fast, quick and interruptin when asking questions. They asked what equipment I worked with but did not ask me to provide training certificates.

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They mentioned a referral., my orientation was 2hrs in length, my supervisor showed me what to do with little training. I have language issu, no training for me in my language Menos


What can you contribute that others cannot?

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I am mechanically inclined and thus equipment maintenance is something I can manage well. Menos


How many years do you have in cleaning? Have you ever supervised a crew?

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I've had experience with previous cleaning jobs.

PRIDE Industries

They asked me: Why the company should hire me?

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I assured them that I could use all my knowledge in the field to work with our staff, company administration and our clients creating a confident and effective relationship with the same goal as expected. Menos


Do you have janitorial experience

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Yes, domestic cleaning and commercial.


Kachow with kachow

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Bridge Property Management

Did not find any difficult or unexpected questions

LA Fitness

Mostly about my experience and my availability to work.

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