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Preguntas de entrevista de Investment banking associate


Preguntas de entrevista para investment banking associate compartidas por los candidatos

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How to build a wacc Different ways to value a company Favorite excel function

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Fit is very important. Technical is a checklist.

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How would you calculate 14 x 14? (mental process) How do you see the current Spanish economic situation? Can you tell me of any recent important transaction at this office?

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Are you applying to consulting firms as well? Why? How will you choose?

Q: Tell me your story Q: Describe me the three main valuation methods Q: Walk me through a DCF (down to the detail) Q: Walk me through an LBO analysis Q: Why investment banking? Q: Why should we hire you? Q: Why J.P. Morgan? Q: What do you think will be your tasks if you join us? Q: Why a diversified industries team? (it does not have industry or product groups in Spain but FIG) Q: What is the IRR of a 2x CoC over 3 years? Q: Why a discount retailer, a luxury firm and an online retailer will trade at different multiples? Apart from expected growth rates, what are the drivers of this difference and how would you rank these by EV/EBITDA multiples? Q: Expect 1-2 brainteasers per interview

Typical questions such as why investment banking and why Degroof Petercam.

Why do you want to join? why investment banking? did you apply to other banks? Brief practical case about an LBO and valuing a building

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