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A un International Sales Manager le preguntaron...22 de enero de 2014

What benefit would you bring to the department?

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Make a good skill in department and good team work

I am a BCA graduate student so i am good in technical issue and also i have leadership qualities experience from my last company. So i can help in absence of any leads after some time. Menos

They asked me how much money I wanted to make

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I told them I wanted $75000 per year

ACG Worldwide

Focused on previous work profile and also international business & sales fundamentals

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Required aggressive & prompt behaviour

Knowlarity Communications

Why Should I Hire You?

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Because i am having same field experience in sales and marketing

Infopro Digital

They asked my previous work experience, expected salary and personal interesting to see how I match to the role.

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I also asked a lot of questions and give my thoughts on how I would like to do on this role if I have the chance. Menos

Prima Hotels

What if there was production and you promised your customer the item in certain time and there was a defective production? What do you tell the customer?

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I appologize and place a new order right away and give it first priority in frony of the production department. And he kept going on and on And if the next production was defective as well,what would you tell the customer? So i told him that i will speak to the produxtion manager to produxce extra units in case of defective production. So he sais.. There is zero inventory!! What would you tell the customer?? That thr production department is not working well and somthing should be changed there! Menos

Do it Best

How would you benefit Do It Best Corp?

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"Your own Answer"


Our mental preparedness for adaptability and new assignments we have to take up in Nigeria.

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It was good interview process. Questions were mostly on process implemented in present company and about family relocating to Africa. First HR and then country head and final HR round in Gurgoan. Menos

Dream Broker

What can you bring to the team?

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An uplifting attitude, experience, effectiveness in qualifying business opportunities, and negotiating. Menos

CVS Health

Tell me a time you went above and beyond your role

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Talked about previous jobs and school.

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