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A un International Business Development Manager le preguntaron...12 de noviembre de 2019

There were no unexpected questions.

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There were no unexpected questions.

how much you know about gupta Power??

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Gupta Power is more than 6 decades old company, they are world leaders in Conductors manufacturing, In cable they are one of the largest manufacturers from india Menos


What about your internet proficiency ?

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Showed a personnal blog and commented on it.


Why should I be the selected candidate if no previous experience in the industry

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languages, geographical mobility, cultural knowledge of the destination country, management seniority and transferable professional knowledge Menos

deVere Group

Do you want a job or career?

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Career - gives the impression that you're in it for the long run, are driven and have a desire to develop as an individual and professional Menos

What do you know about international market

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Sir, I have worked with the companies from middle east, africa as well as Asian countries. Menos

How can we sell the product we are developing in the next 3 months?

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I will offer joint research to kidney transplant-related product manufacturers and/or researchers and receive feedback. Feedback will be used as content to promote and attract potential customers. Menos

Randox Laboratories

"Why did you move around so much ?"

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Career progression !



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Shared previous work experience at other banks

UChicago Medicine

What do you know about the business in details?

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All the details I could give in writing, and in details.

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