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Preguntas de entrevista para intern compartidas por los candidatos

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Tell me a little bit more of who you are

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You get to say where you studied, if you went abroad, if you have worked... And why you want to join Repsol

Don't worry my friend...those idiots from HR don't know anything about oil and gas...not even about what Repsol does....they are more enthusiastic about motorcycles than what really work is....I worked for them 6 years and first they used me and then kicked my butt out of Repsol....I am surprised they are hiring people since they axed many many employees....those idiots from Universitas or whatever their name is should also take the ENGLISH test....thank you

Cuáles considerarías que son tus puntos fuertes y tus puntos débiles

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CV questions

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Tell me about your proffesional experience.

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Cuántos mini vehículos de hot wheels se venden al año en el país?

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En el currículo especificas que tienes un nivel medio de ingles...

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How would you improve the technology?

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What is one important problem that you solved in the past? How did you come to a solution?

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What role do you play in teams?

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