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Intentional Software
A un Intern - Hourly le preguntaron...19 de febrero de 2016

1st round HR: basic behavioral questions 2nd tech screen: data structures and an algorithm question that most people should have learned in their algorithms class 3rd tech screen: a simpler algorithm design question, then a really weird data structure question.

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Thank you for your replay !

I didn't make it to the final round since I came up with a TreeMap like solution but failed to get to the optimal solution. The optimal solution was NOT using a TreeMap, since it requires O(log(n)) insertion time and the interviewer wanted O(1). The best solution is something related to bucket hashing. Menos

It is related to a special use of hash table. How would hash a range of things together? Menos

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Gravois Aluminum Boats

How do you work in a fast-paced and unexpected environment? A lot of time in the office you will not know what to expect on a day-to-day basis.

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I work well in an environment that keeps me on my toes.

I’ve always prided myself on my work ethic and seemingly having more common since than most. So with my experience tied in with my work ethic and ability to figure things out quicker than most has definitely helped me out in those situations. Not to mention my experience in supervision and knowledge of staying a couple steps ahead of what is going on with the project. Menos

From the time I get the prints in my hands and walk the job down I am constantly trying to figure out each step in my head while discussing it with my supervisor and crew to make sure everyone is on the same page and/or if someone has a better, faster, safer way to get to project completed on a timely manner. Menos

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American Institute for Chemical Engineers

Are you comfortable completing projects independently? Are you able to converse with customers professionally?

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Yes. I totally comfort.


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An example of the hypothetical situation: your friend is doing bad work and has to lie about his results. You find out, what do you do?

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Work with the "lying friend" and educate him the correct way or practices by GE and always associate with cost impact, indirectly he/she realise we have spotted his/her lying habit. By doing so he/she smells one is aware/watching! Menos

Talk to them find out what's going on and how I maybe able to help.

As my friend, I wouldn't allow them to stray into the dark, let's try to assess the issue and find a solution as opposed to lying. Menos

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

What is your future career outlook?

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Continuing my education

Is to see myself becoming a specialist on my work trade base on the knowledge I will be use Menos

Is to see me being specialist on my job

Nestlé USA

What was the biggest risk I have taken? What my biggest accomplishment was? If I was geographically mobile?

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I never make mist


Never make mistake

Strengths and weaknesses

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your preference



AJM Packaging

Do you have hands on mechanical experience and if so what?

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I worked as a mechanic at my previous job working on cars and i liked it.


Castle & Cooke Mortgage

What makes you a strong candidate for this position?

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I looked up the values of Castle and Cooke, and applied my characteristics and strengths to these values. Aside from the core values of the companies I emphasized one or two of my strengths and related them to how I will perform in the position. Menos

I have over 15 years experience in the mortgage industry, on the serving side. I'm reliable and a hard worker. I'm a problem solver and a team player. Menos

General Motors (GM)

Name a time when you had to fill in for a absent coworker. what did you do how did you handle it what was the outcome

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did u get any marks during the assembly test?

worked faster harder and got it done! (to put it simply, they will want MORE)

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