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A un Mechanical Designer for Interior Instrumentation and Driver HMI (Timisoara) le preguntaron...6 de mayo de 2015

If I am willing to relocate considering that the relocation bonus is one months salary given in advance only time only.

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Can you give me work permit visa

For Romania

How much

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What was your role in the project you worked on?

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3d Designer

3D Visualizers

my project was a Kerala style interior of a 3bhk apartment as i work in a small firm the whole project was handled by me 1. i took the measurements of the site 2. i made all the technical drawings (civil,plumbing,ceiling,electrical) 3.i developed the design concept and 3d renders accordingly 4. material shopping 4. site management Menos

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You will join immediately

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yes i will joint immediately

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your strong points as a designer

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fast and efficient usage of softwares for design, good presentation skills, good hand sketching, photography, painting skills Menos

Think different

Presentation is secondary,You should think out of box in design skills to get Survived in today's competitive world. Menos

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Team One Architects

what type of projects u can handle

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I can handle residential and commercial projects

I can Supervise residential project.

I have commercial, residential projects experience


What do Interior Designers do at IKEA? What do you know about IKEA?

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They will creat the best interior space with IKEA products to give consumers a great visual experience so they can easily understand how it looks in their place and its easy for them to buy products. Menos

Obey company rules ,take care about client satisfaction and client requirements. 3d visualised image to client after take care of the budget . Then material selection with the help of 3d image. Detailed fit out drawings for will start after the first payment.supervise the carpenters and other workers.taking care of the materials. Menos

They design displays or help through customer services


How do you get inspiration

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The first thing to connect with the client is to listen! Every client is different. I have to approach each one differently. There is no simple answer to your question. For many years I was one of the blessed people because I got up every day and loved what I did for a living! I was with a company for 21 years until they went out of business. I have had some personal losses over the last few years. My mother and daughter both passed away. I needed time to grieve. I have had a home based business for 2 years, which helped with the grieving process. I had become very solitary and realized that I missed the creative process of interactive process working with clients and realizing their dreams. Menos

I think we would be a match! I live nearby, and love your product..


What design style you have worked on till now

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Mostly contemporary style and a minimalist approach

Contemporary style. Tradition style.classic style. Island style. Hidden style


Dimensions of Kitchen Cabinets and Counter Heights

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30" is the height of lower cabinet and the depth is 24" the minimum width of a cabinet can be 6" and the maximum can be 3'. The upper cabinet width can be minimum 1' and max 3'. The height is 2' and the depth is 12" to 16". The counter top height must be finished at 30". Menos

Told them the standard dimensions.


What are the core material of wardrobe

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Plywood,wooden finishes,wardrobe fittings.

Plywood,wooden finishes,wardrobe fittings.

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