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P2 Energy Solutions
A un Contract Instructional Designer le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2010

I think it's inappropriate to ask applicants to donate two hours to an online assessment pre-interview, at the start of the interviewing process. It seems arrogant, and impersonal. I'd be fine with 20 minutes. Two hours is too much, and likely hurts P2's reputation with applicants.

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@Carbonate, in your original post, you state "This kind of tests beats any reference or experience ever" and you casually refer to "retards", "dumb people" and "the mentally and culturally limited". I think you meant to say "this kind of test" not "tests" and references to "retards", "dumb people", and the "mentally and culturally limited" are unprofessional, not to mention impolite. Statistically, it’s probable that one of your peers may have a developmentally disabled child, sibling, or other relative. So who hired you at P2, or are you in senior management there? Because, apparently the testing doesn't weed out bigots, loose cannons, and those who cannot use correct English grammar. On the other hand, an effective behavioral interview, along with a shorter version on the test, might. Menos

@Carbonate, apologies - I was not kind above. I just got a little bit p-d off at having to take a two hour test as part of a job application, really. Not sure what part I flunked, really, but I was not applying for an engineering position, so much of the test just annoying me. Maybe I was too honest on the cultural questions. Best of fortune to you. Menos

Heh - "annoyed me"

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Why do you want to work for Evolusent?

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The reason why I found this question difficult was because I was caught off guard. I thought the interview would really go over my experience, but a lot of it was based on my personality. Menos

The reason why is because i love being creative and working with a company that can help me develop my skills to it's full potential is the best way to go Menos

The reason why is because i love being creative and working with a company that can help me develop my skills to it's full potential is the best way to go Menos


What technologies have you used?

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Can you submit a portfolio of examples?

I have worked and Designed several types of devices used on automation systems. I would be able to explain more in person. I have worked for 3 automation companies and multiple Engineering firms. This has given me access to devices both in troubleshooting and design. Menos

I have used photo eyes , Proximity switches, reed switches, servo motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Level sensors, Pressure sensors, Temp sensors, control valves and many other devices. both in design and troubleshooting. Menos

AXIOM Sales Force Development

Tell me about your experience doing this sort of work.

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Depends company products quality & my work placing products retailers shops & good communication skills onwer. Menos

I showed some samples of my work - both e-learning modules and design plans.

Illinois Action for Children

How would you handle difficult co-workers?

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Treat everyone with respect.

I would try talking calmly and with a smile. Knowing we all need a little patience and understanding, i would try to work with them. Depending on the situation id have to call someone with higher authority to handle the situation. Menos

There is nothing under the sun that cannot be approached, talked about, explored, expressed most specially WITH COMPASSION. Having to communicate with a "difficult co-worker" in itself is a label that is tinged with a challenge and rather it is better to see co-associates as a person having difficulties instead. Having commonalities, humor and light-hearted approach always works best or "easier" any situations to start with and while listening to their side is of utmost importance. However, to listen and to encourage them to express their "difficulties" without having to input compassion and replacing it with encouraging solutions would only exacerbate his/her situation. Menos


Management asked, “How long does it take to develop 1 hour of computer based training?”

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You are correct. She must not know much about developing elearning.

I said it varies on the type of eLearning. She stated that industry standards cite 40:1 of training. This is only applicable for very basic eLearnings with no extras like images, interactions, audio, etc. This dept expects a 40:1 ratio for a fully immersive and interactive computer based training. This is next to impossible. Menos

Northeastern University

How would you address the challenge of conflicting feedback from stakeholders?

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Accept all feedback, work to sort out what really matters with knowledgeable colleagues, apply my own experience-based expertise to the output. Menos

Ask questions to understand the conflicting nature, accept the feedback, apply my own experience and judgement to the context. Menos


Describe what happens when you send an email to me. How many places does it go before delivery and what are they called?

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I had no idea.


What kind of phone do you have?

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iPhone 5, duh.

Was there a coding test


I couldn't say. I was never actually interviewed, and my time was wasted.

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"I did not receive a rejection email. In fact, I’ve just received two more emails inviting me to participate in the aforementioned one-way interview and an assessment. This is a poor experience indeed for potential applicants, especially those candidates with experience. Kindly disregard my resume immediately and remove me from any communications, "automated" or otherwise." Menos

Funny, bc my husband has also Tried to get a job there, has over 20 Years experience in WBA’s be does. But clearly they don’t care about that. He’s never even been considered since That first interview and rejection. Menos

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